At Car Masters, Inc. we offer many services including:

Towing: We can tow anything: Cars, Trucks, ATV’s, motorcycles, Tractor-Trailers, Boats, Campers. If it’s a vehicle, (even if it isn’t!) we can tow it.

Transport: We transport cars, trucks and other specialized items and offer you peace of mind using only highly trained and experienced drivers.

Download our transport Form here:

Asset Recovery: Our office staff and agents are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of the recovery process to ensure the repossession is completely compliant and most importantly, to recover your collateral.

Download our Asset Recovery Repossession form here: CM Repossession Form

Download our Hold Harmless Form here: CM HH FORM

Please contact us for help at 704-864-8500 or e-mail us at

Keep in mind any documents MUST be faxed and may not be submitted electronically.

Our fax number for all forms is 704-864-0854.